Lush Favourites

Back in my early teens when Ne-Yo was sick of love songs, the most exciting thing me and my squad would do on a weekend, is catch the train to Leeds and pay a visit to Lush followed by Starbucks. You see, our town deprived us of two of the most important things a teen needed – bath bombs and Frappuccinos!

Buying your first bath bomb and taking that first sip of caramel Frappe is surely a crucial rite of passage?! I remember my bestie would pretend to be a sales assistant and give me a full blown consultation, dissolving bath bombs left right and centre! Funny how around 10 years later she actually became one and reintroduced me to the brand I loved growing up with. Yes Amrit, I’m talking about you!

The thing is, I guess I still associated Lush with bath bombs and while it’s their signature, I learnt that there’s so much more to discover.

Here’s a selection of some of my must-have faves and daily heroes that I’ve been using over the last few months.

1. Dream Cream Hand and Body Lotion

P1010585 (2)

This luxurious pot of goodness 100% lives up to its name and its become such a daily treat after showering! Its combination of extra virgin olive oil and creamy cocoa butter makes for one seriously moisturising cream and it easily absorbs into the skin. My skin is pretty sensitive, especially after shaving and unlike other creams that can sting on freshly shaved skin, Dream Cream is really soothing and cooling thanks to chamomile. I also love that you can quickly dip into it when you need it and its long-lasting rose and lavender scent provides a real pick-me-up! I usually have really dry hands but I honestly think daily use of this has helped my skin lock in moisture. Its also been known to be good for people with skin conditions such as eczema (although it’s not specially made for it) so speak to a Lush advisor and get a sample!

Key Ingredients
-Oat Milk: Soothing and calming
-Rose Absolute: Balancing and Restorative
-Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter: Softening and Conditioning

2. 1000 Millihelens Jelly Face Mask

P1010561 (2)


IMG_9477 (2)

This mask is a much brighter green in real life!




I want to keep things honest so here’s an after pic with no filter!

Our skin constantly changes due to a number of factors, whether it’s diet, hormones or stress and I feel like my skin has become a lot more sensitive in my 20s. You know the saying ‘a face mask can fix all of your problems?’ well this is that face mask! I suffer from breakout on my forehead and after just one use of this mask I immediately noticed a difference. This unique jelly mask is literally food for you face with all the best ingredients. All of the wonderful differences my skin felt can be linked to these ingredients. My skin felt brighter (Sicilian lemon), cleansed and toned (Fresh Apple Juice) and spots were visibly reduced (witch hazel). Simply pinch a piece off and work it in dry hands until it forms a paste – you may notice a few lumps but it is a jelly consistency after all! When removing with water spend a few extra minutes working it into your face for a deeper cleanse. I use this twice a week.

Key Ingredients 
-Sicilian Lemon Oil: Uplifting and Cleansing
-Fresh Apple Juice: Cleansing and Exfoliating
-Witch Hazel Extract: Astringent and prevents bacteria growth



3. D’Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap

P1010568 (2)

My skin is super sensitive to shaving, so much so I’m often stuck in public wondering how I can itch my pit without people noticing, the struggle is real! D’Fluff has eased the sting and the embarrassment (awks!). Whether you suffer from razor burn or not I think your skin deserves this treat while shaving, you are swiping a blade across your skin after all! Made with fresh strawberries and maple syrup, my skin was left smelling like delicious dessert. Unlike traditional shaving gels, this shaving cream feels like an actual creamy moisturiser and aids for a seriously smooth and close shave

Key Ingredients
-Fresh Strawberries: Refreshing and Toning
-Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter: Softening and Conditioning
-Organic Rose Hip Oil: Nourishing and Repairing

4. Honey Lip Scrub

P1010591 (2)

I’ve tried and loved Lush’s lip scrubs in the past but Honey just edges them all for me! The vanilla scent is sweet and uplifting but not overpowering, it’s like a warm and cosy mini lip treatment. You know a lip scrub isn’t harsh if it’s edible! I wouldn’t recommend eating spoonfuls of it but all of Lush’s scrubs are made of caster sugar, which means you can apply it and lick it off for lip smackingly good results. I love that my lips are gently exfoliated without it feeling too abrasive. Finish with Lush’s Honey Trap lip balm below for the perfect pout.

Key Ingredients 
-Vanilla Absolute: Sweet and comforting
-Caster Sugar: Exfoliating
-Organic Jojoba Oil: Naturally moisturising

5. Honey Trap Lip Balm

P1010594 (2)

IMG_9517 (2)

The Honey lip scrub coupled with Honey Trap lip balm is literally the best partnership since David and Victoria Beckham. Honey Trap is Lush’s thickest lip balm as it’s enriched with honey (of course) and oatmeal so that it nourishes the lips like a moisturiser would for your skin. Unlike the highstreet’s very famous petroleum based lip balm (you know what I’m talking about) Honey Trap contains olive and almond oil to deeply soften the lips rather than just sitting on top of the skin, which means your lips feel smoother for longer. Not to mention protected! I have a habit of biting my lips which means they’re often chapped but since using Honey Trap every morning, night and everything  in between, it’s made a huge visible difference. I would recommend using this duo before applying your lipstick, especially if you’re applying a matte lipstick because the scrub and lip balm prep your lips to make the lipstick sit a lot nicer on the skin – no crumbling or dryness in sight! It also smells delish.

Key Ingredients
– Honey: Moisturising and antiseptic
– Almond Oil: Hydration
– Oatmeal: Soothing


Let me know your Lush favourites in the comments below!

Much love and stay classy xx



Game-Changing Highlighters

It’s January, it’s dreary and you probably can’t remember the last time you actually felt warm outside but your day is about to get a whole lot brighter…

I’ve put together a collection of some of my FAVE highlighters to keep your face lit and banish the blues. From subtle and sun-kissed to just full on EXTRA I can guarantee you’ll fall for one of these babies.

  1. Luxe Lit
    Laura Geller, Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator Palette, £22
    P1010522 (2)
    IMG_9372 (3)IMG_9316 (2)
    IMG_9327 (2)
    So there’s tonnes of powdered highlighters out there but there’s something extra special about this delightfully packaged palette. It’s a trio of Laura’s best-selling highlighters, including cult fave ‘Gilded Honey’ (pictured), which I can’t stop wearing! You know how you’re never truly ready for a night out until you spritz your fave perfume? Well this is the same situ. It finishes off your face with a candlelit glow that just oozes glamour. I’m not a huge fan of the double-sided brush it comes with but as the pigment is so rich you can easily use your finger tips for a quick swipe. Don’t be afraid to play with colour when it comes to highlighters! The shade ‘Peach Glow’ is super pretty and oh-so Rihanna.
  2. The Kardashian Effect 
    NIP+FAB Highlight Palette in ‘Stroboscopic’, £15
    P1010498 (2)
    P1010501 (2)
    You know a brand is poppin’ when Mario Dedivanovic (the celeb make-up maestro behind Kim K’s flawless face) collabs with them for a collection. This strobe-tastic palette has a whopping six shades for you to play with – talk a about bang for your buck! I love the strong pigment of these shades and the range from light to dark makes them versatile to suit all skin tones. If you’re an olive toned gal like me, you’ll love the shade ‘sunbeam’. The large palette is fuss free and professional, perfect for the experimenters.
    Mario’s top tip: Blend the darkest shade ‘Sunkissed’ along your lower lash line to make the eye pop – super sultry.
  3. Insta-treat
    Too Faced Love Light Prismatic Highlighter in ‘Blinded By The Light’, £25
    P1010505 (2)
    *Swoons* Okay so I’m pretty sure this is the highlighter Cinderella would have been given from her fairy godmother, it’s literally the stuff of dreams. Besides from the totes-adorbs heart shaped compact, it actually delivers amazing results. Its unique pearlescent formula means that light literally bounces off it, making for one helluva glow! It’s quite pricey but definitely worth the results and the Insta-likes.
  4. 24K Magic
    Sleek Highlighting Palette Cleopatra’s Kiss, £10
    P1010533 (2)
    P1010536 (2)
    As the name suggests, this is the highlighter of goddesses. It’s regal, lavish and not to mention super affordable! The high-end style packaging is also functional with a mirror and brush – perfect for on-the-go touch ups.  I was blown away by quality of these sassy shades and feel that these bronzy tones will especially compliment medium to dark skin tones. There’s two baked powders for a more intense metallic look and two luxurious cream formulas to give a glossy sheen to the face and body.
  5. Drippin’ in finesse 
    Barry M Liquid Chrome Highlighter Drops in ‘Beame Up’, £6.99
    P1010548 (2)
    Barry M is always ahead of the game when it comes to creating innovative beauty at highstreet prices. This liquid highlighter is a dupe of Iconic London’s Illuminator but it definitely deserves credit in its own right! I was a little skeptical at first but its formula is so creamy and pigmented, it worked great when added to my foundation for an allover iluminous glow.
  6. The Bestie 
    theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer AKA The Luminizer, £18
    P1010546 (2)
    Ahh, I’ll always have a soft spot for Mary-Lou! The first highlighter I have ever tried and still a very important asset to my makeup bag. This highlighter is like a really good bra, you might forget its there but it supports and lifts you like no other. It’s subtle enough to wear everyday but buildable to make an impact for the evening. I love dusting this on the inner corners of my eyes to make them stand out, you can even use it allover the lid as a shadow!

I hope you enjoyed my edit! Whether you’ve tried any of the above or wish to share your own personal faves, please let me know in the comments below!

Much love and stay classy x



Dare To Wear Red

IMG_1509 (3)

IMG_1515 (3).jpg

IMG_1597 (3)

IMG_1607 (3)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I truly am a big kid when it comes to Christmas. I  just love the whole build up to it, from decorating the tree (and my entire room), to the songs (who doesn’t love a bit of Wham! Last Christmas?!) and of course creating a festive wardrobe.

The colour of the season has without a doubt been red and from the top-to-toe scarlet ensembles seen at fashion week, its translated its way from the catwalk to the highstreet in more wearable accessories and footwear, so you can inject the colour into almost any outfit.

Red ankle boots in particular have been a showstopper of a trend, with almost every single highstreet brand from Topshop to Primark offering bolder and quirkier variations. I’m sure you’ve noticed them around too!

I was immediately drawn to this gorgeous pointed pair from River Island and as soon as I tried them on I stood taller and felt sassier.

Red is the boldest shade on the colour spectrum, so if the idea of wearing this stand-out hue scares you a little, what better time to try it than in the run up to Christmas?

If you have an office Christmas party coming up then these are the perfect desk-to-drinks booties.

I styled mine with a simple grey check dress from Primark (such a bargain at £13) and coordinated them with some statement red tassel earrings from Topshop (now £7 FYI). Earrings are the easiest way of dressing up an outfit, just pop some in your hand bag and et voila! Baring your legs is no easy feat in winter but this long-line military coat from H&M is the chicest way of keeping warm. Plus, red pops even more against black.

I completed this look with a punchy red lip using NYX Matte Lipstick in shade ‘Eden‘, it’s a gorgeous blue toned red, which not only means it’s vibrant but makes your teeth appear whiter. Fun fact – blue is opposite to yellow on the colour wheel so it essentially cancels it out, hello pearly whites! I’ll definitely be wearing this shade on Christmas day.

So will you dare to wear red? Let me know in the comments below!

Much love and stay classy x


Outfit Details

Dress: Primark

Boots: River Island

Coat: H&M

Hat: River Island

Earrings: Freedom Jewellery @Topshop

Photography: Special thanks to Rozy Shukla x






Vinyl Trousers: Street Style

_MG_1351 (2)

_MG_1412 (2)

_MG_1473 (2)

_MG_1459 (2)

_MG_1415 (3).jpg

Outlandish, off-the-wall, garish – vinyl trousers are definitely one of fashion’s boldest statement pieces but besides that lol-worthy talc powder/lotion/paste situ Ross from Friends found himself in, they’re actually a lot more wearable than you think.

I had been eyeing up these Topshop Vinyl Jamie Jeans since last autumn/winter but couldn’t pluck up the courage to buy them. A year on and the love was still strong so I just went for it and they’ve been hanging in my wardrobe, waiting patiently to make their first appearance.

I’ve seen a lot of vinyl trousers on the market but there’s a reason why Topshop’s keep flying off the shelves and that’s because their quality comes out, well, on top! Yes they’re a little pricey at £55 (£35 on sale ATM) but this is a case where style and substance are equal.

The biggest seller for me is that they’re a snug high-waisted fit with a button and zip, which makes them ideal for tucking in a t-shirt or sweatshirt like I have. They’re also cropped at the ankle – ticking off all the boxes for the coolest trouser silhouette.

I’m a bit of a style chameleon depending on my mood and this was one of those days where The Fresh Prince was my muse. I mean vinyl just screams the 80s right? I wondered around Leeds in search of quirky places and this graffiti wall completed my vision perfectly.

For this urban look I balanced out the ultra-shininess of my trousers by contrasting them with a thick slogan sweatshirt from My box fresh Adidas Superstar trainers brought this old-skool look together and lent a casual feel. It’s all about juxtaposition, so pairing ‘dressy’ fishnet socks with trainers is a simple but significant touch. And no urban outfit is complete without a baseball cap right?

These vinyl trousers are my new staple I’ll be styling up and down into the new year but will they make the cut for your wardrobe? Let me know in the comments below!

Much love and stay classy x

Outfit Details
Vinyl Trousers: Topshop
Fishnet Socks:
Trainers: Adidas @ Schuh
Cap: New Era @

Photography: Special thanks to Rozy Shukla x










Milani’s Amore Metallic Liquid Lipstick Is A TOTAL Game Changer

_MG_1250 (2).jpg

_MG_1244 (2).jpg

_MG_1264 (2)

I’m a huge fan of liquid matte lipsticks as I’m sure you all are! It’s safe to say matte has become the most popular lipstick finish. Period. You only have to Google ‘matte lipsticks’ to realise we’re now spoilt for choice with brands and shades to choose from. However I can’t help but feel a teeeny bit underwhelmed by them, like too much of a good thing is boring right? Well, there’s one brand in particular that has broken the mould and revamped the much loved classic just in time for party season.

Enter Milani! I was introduced to the LA based brand while I worked on Reveal’s beauty desk and was pleasantly surprised by its affordability, despite its high-end feel and luxe packaging. The ‘drugstore’ beauty brand (think Barry M and NYX) is one of the industry’s best kept secrets, with makeup artists such as Monika Blunder (who’s made up Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Megan Fox) swearing by its genius products.

I was thrilled to find out my fave online makeup destination is now stocking Milani’s new Amore Metallic Liquid Lipstick collection (for £8.99 a pop). Yay!

Milani has taken two of beauty’s top power players – highlighter and the liquid matte lipstick, and merged them together to become the ONLY lippy you’ll want to be flaunting this Christmas and NYE.

With six sassy colours to choose from there’s a shade to suit EVERY skin tone, from peachy bronze to dark brooding plums and reds.

Since I love red I couldn’t help but fall for this deep ruby shade ‘My Soulmate’. I was a little skeptical at first to try a metallic lip but this lipstick is totally magic.

Firstly, it smells like delicious vanilla cupcakes, who could dislike that?!

Its formula is creamy and richly pigmented so that it effortlessly glides across the lips – plus it aims to deliver 16 hours of wear, which I can vouch for because it didn’t budge!

As it dries to a super-matte finish I would recommend you prep your lips with a scrub and lip balm. Apply in quick motions and without layering to avoid any crumbling.

The amazing thing about this lustrous lipstick is that it creates the perfect ombre lip without the hassle of blending a light and dark shade together.

And what’s so great about an ombre lip you say? As well as making a serious statement, it makes your pout appear fuller by highlighting the centre of your mouth and creating the illusion of plumper lips. Result!

I paired my lipstick with a fierce feline flick and flawless base by mixing Milani’s Baked Blush and Bronzer together – both containing flecks of highlighter, which brought this luminous look together.

Finally I’ve found my lipstick soul mate…

Make sure you sign up to to receive 10% off your first order!


Much love and stay classy x


Outfit Details
Earrings: H&M


Mango’s Could-Be-Designer Handbags

If like me, you spend your spare time drooling over designer handbags but don’t have the extra £££ knocking about, you’ll be thrilled to know that Mango has just dropped some seriously hot arm candy. With designs so hot I reckon they could top having Ryan Gosling on your arm (maybe).

From Gucci inspired quilted cross-bodys, to minimalist chic details à la Chloé, these styles aren’t just dupes but high quality trend pieces in their own right. After all, it is Mango daahling.

Here at my top 7 must-have bags…

  1. The Sassy ‘n’ Fierce
    It’s safe to say just about every highstreet brand has paid homage to Gucci this year and this is one of those moments where it really works. Bright bold colour? Check. Statement quilted design? Check. Gold cross-body chain? Check. This bag speaks for itself and I think an attempt to replicate the ‘GG’ logo here would be overkill. This bag is ideal for adding a pop of colour to those ‘all-black-errythang’ outfits.


2. The Dead Ringer (sorry)
It’s all about hardware detailing – metal rings, buckles, chains, it’s like Vogue meets B&Q. I love how Mango add an extra dose of pretty with a pearl-effect buckle. Just incase Santa doesn’t receive your present list and you don’t wake up to a Chloé handbag under your Christmas tree, I suggest you treat yo-self to this beauty and still pay next month’s rent.

3. Velvet Fancy
I’m a sucker for soft fabrics and this gorgeous quilted velvet cross-body (also inspired by Gucci) is the perfect luxe edition to any evening outfit.

4. The ‘it’ Backpack
Mango takes us back-to-school Blair Waldorf style with a stripped back version of Chloe’s ‘Faye’ backpack. I love the simplicity of the design – the mix of leather and suede looks chic and the chain adds a subtle cool-girl edge. I’ll be styling this with an oversized denim jacket and a bright red lip.

5. Crushin’ On Blush
This bag is just so cute I can’t deal! I’m in love with pink hues ATM and so is Chanel it appears as it features heavily in their Cruise 2017/18 collection.  It’s girly but understated and oh-so-chic. The soft quilted finish of this bag is a clear nod to Chanel.

6. Faux Real
Like I said, I’m a sucker for soft fabrics and this faux fur textured clutch is super quirky and fun. Fur bags were featured a lot on the autumn/winter catwalks and Valentino nailed it with pretty pastel hues like this powder blue. I wouldn’t normally go for this shade but I think it really works. Mango’s version features a long removable strap so you can wear it as a clutch or cross-body.

7. The Italian Job
This otherwise simple and structured bag is given a Sicillian twist with a vibrant and delicate silk scarf strap, totally reminiscent of D&G. The mix of the plain and colourful makes this style wearable and versatile. Need. It. Now. 


Which is your fave? Let me know in the comments below!


Stay classy 😉

Suede Just Got Seriously Sassy

_MG_6849 (2).jpg

_MG_6868 (2).jpg

_MG_6871 (2).jpg

_MG_6792 (2)

_MG_6785 (2).jpg

_MG_6778 (2).jpg

_MG_6782 (2).jpg

The clocks have gone back, fireworks have dazzled the sky and we’re in full embrace with autumn, which is great news if you’re a jacket lover like me. Aside from the cooler climes and feeling like a vampire most evenings, autumn gets me so excited when it comes to style. It means I can wear jackets that’ll either enhance or compliment my outfit but not cover it up like a coat. has got me obsessed with their outerwear collection this season and a stand out style for me has to be their sensational suede-effect biker jacket.

While I love a classic leather biker jacket as I’m sure you do, think of this suede style as a chic and more refined upgrade – like swapping your peanut butter on toast for smashed avocado. Both are equally amazing but the latter is more of a ‘I-have-to-Insta-this-right-now’ treat.

The jacket is super-soft and feels every bit as luxe as real suede without the hefty price tag, meaning you can rock the trend without breaking the bank. Pick from a range of awe-tumnal hues from khaki and mustard to grey and black. You can even tick off two trends in one with their ‘Mia’ suedette jacket, featuring this season’s most hailed embellishment – pearls.

My personal fave is their ‘Leah’ jacket which comes in an ultra-cool khaki and dreamy blush pink.

The khaki hue lent off serious AllSaints vibes so in keeping with this grunge theme I decided to style my jacket with Catwalk’s charcoal distressed ‘Shaunie’ skinny jeans and simple white ‘Bree’ crop top, to let the jacket take centre stage. I Finished off this look with tousled tresses and a dark vampy lip using NYX’s Soft Matte Liquid Lipstick in ‘Madrid’.

With the blush pink jacket I decided to go full blown girly, although you still have the option to toughen it up with contrasting darker shades. I styled this jacket as a transitional piece, perfect for those unexpectedly warmer days when if you’re really brave decide to bare your legs. I love an autumnal floral print and this floaty swing dress captured the flirty ‘n’ fun look I was going for (bonus style points if you can find a matching door!).


As well as looking on-trend I love that these jackets will actually keep you warm too, plus they’re ideal for layering come winter.

How will you style yours? Let me know in the comments below!

Stay classy 😉